We’re a technology company that streamlines the medical industry

A unique stakeholder agnostic medical ecosystem that connects patients, medical clinics, insurance companies and Dubai Health Authority offering each of them unique benefits through A.I., block-chain, and integrative technology


  • Give patients visibility of all their medical records on one place
  • Book doctor appointments in real time from any device or platform, at any time of day
  • Instant notifications on insurance claims and follow ups
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Medical Clinics

  • Control leads and improve revenue through one single platform
  • All insurance providers connected through the 1care platform allow more visibility
  • Reduces operational costs, enhances customer experience, improves lead conversions
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Insurance Companies

  • Quick integration provides visibility with partnered clinics
  • Fraud prevention due to elimination of additional financial settlements
  • Easy access to patients’ medical records for claims assessment
  • Ability to view approvals instantly by patients & clinics for automation of claims processing
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What makes 1Care Unique


An all in one ecosystem that integrates all clinics, insurance companies, pharmacies, ministries, & patients profiles


Powered by A.I. & block-chain technology to help detect anomalies & predictive patterns the in healthcare ecosystem


More personalized, predictive and real-time to help minimize resource wastage and maximize efficiency


Integrates with the Dubai Health Authority bringing in transparency to the system

Be a part of the future of healthcare.
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