1Care is powered by it’s parent company Loophole, Loophole’s mission is to reinvent digital ecosystems and revolutionize digital experiences within disjointed ecosystems.

In an unintegrated medical ecosystem as it stands today, over 10,000 integrations will be required to connect just 100 clinics with 100 external partners


High admin

No way to share
ehr data

to insurance fraud


Benefits of 1Care
to the Healthcare Ecosystem

Our technology enables healthcare providers and insurance companies to gather patient records as they sign-up for their services, automatically classifying and extracting medical information

Eliminates manual
data entry

Automates document

Derive analytics from
unstructured data

Drastically reduce data
digitization costs

Cloud based data storage
to improve efficiency

Seamless integration
with existing platforms

In January 2016, Sheikh Mohammed launched Dubai Health Strategy 2021

The strategy features 4 main approaches, 6 objectives, 15 programs and 93 initiatives, all of which were set to achieve a leap over the five year period

Watch video about Dubai Plan 2021

1Care Mission

Ensure a healthy and safe environment for Dubai's people

Transparency, visibility & ease of access for the entire healthcare ecosystem

Improving efficiency in providing healthcare

A.I., block-chain and cloud technology enables efficient use of resources and timely patient care

Achieving innovation

Offer an innovative & integrated care model unlike any other in the market

Create an integrated database to be used for the smart government policy to assist in decision making

Assist the DHA in digitizing patients’ medical records

Ensure the provision of a high quality comprehensive and an integrated health service system

Improve data integrity, consent management, real-time data sharing, record keeping and accurate data

Introduce an effective ecological healthcare system in collaboration with private and public sectors

Integrated platform connects patients, doctors, medical facilities, insurance providers and pharma companies

Be a part of the future of healthcare.
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